Research Professionals' Perspectives, Barriers, and Recommendations Regarding Minority Participation in Clinical Trials.

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OBJECTIVE: This study aims to investigate research professionals' perspectives regarding minority participation in clinical trials.

METHODS: A web-based survey of research professionals at US institutions receiving NIH and/or AHRQ funding to conduct clinical research in 2013. Descriptive statistics, mean, standard deviation (SD), and the Wilcoxon rank-sum test were utilized for analysis.

RESULTS: Distributed were 13,041 surveys with 967 (7.4%) responses. Overall and race-stratified analyses included 633 and 521 surveys, respectively. A majority agreed that patients' race (mean, 3.4; SD = 1.0) and primary language (mean, 4.0; SD = 0.9) have an effect on enrollment. They had more success in enrolling those whose primary language was the same as their own (mean, 3.8; SD = 1.0), and that a language barrier and time spent arranging for interpreters had prevented them from offering a study to potential candidates (mean, 3.2; SD = 1.2). Non-Caucasian respondents were more likely to agree that "fear of unknown side effects" was a deterrent for minorities (p < 0.01), "minorities are more likely to be unavailable for follow-up phone calls" (p = 0.07), and "the unavailability of translated material discourages non-English speakers from participation" (p = 0.08). They also were more likely to be neutral or agree with being discouraged from enrolling minorities because of the possibility of their withdrawal or being less likely to be available for phone follow-ups and follow-up visits (all p < 0.01).

CONCLUSION: Despite a few subtle racial differences in research professionals' perspectives, a majority expressed no hesitation in enrolling minorities. Patients' race and primary language appeared to influence enrollment. A language barrier appeared to be the strongest barrier for research professionals.

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