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Live for a little over two years, Lehigh Valley Health Network’s repository, LVHN Scholarly Works, has enhanced the Network’s reputation and research credibility by increasing the visibility of its scholarship. In addition to enhancing the Network’s reputation, LVHN Scholarly Works has been instrumental in saving time and easing workflows for several of its residency programs as well as for ACGME accreditation, and has even contributed to filling in missing pieces of institutional history. As the initiative moves forward, the library continues to look for ways to further increase the visibility of LVHN’s scholarship and help to solve other challenges.

Over the course of this webinar, Kris Petre, Senior Medical Librarian at LVHN, provides an overview of their repository initiative and its importance to LVHN, and then dives into some of the specific projects that they have undertaken, including the results of those projects to date.


The recording of the webinar is available at or


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