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Allentown Hospital School of Nursing Class of 1943.

Top row from left to right: Louise Zellers, Elizabeth Christman, Jane Ruhl, Frances DeWalt, Ann Sinclair, Mary Connard, Dorothy Shubiak, Jean Catherine Smith, Anna Schafer, Marian Catherine Stofflet, Marion Sellers

2nd: Bernice Tanski, Dorothy Coglet, Thelma Wack, Lucille Mae Nissen, Marian Hubitsky, Carol Louise Readinger

3rd: Helen Cahoon, Elizabrth DeLong, Helen Dabrowska, A. Strohl, Betty Childs, T. Hading, Harriet Fatzinger, Elmyra Smith, Marian DeLomg, Jean Roth, Emeline Wagner,

4th: Rose Broney, Anna Neiding, Dorothy Kraft, Giorgianna Ressler, Jean I. Houseknecht, June Warrick, Helen E. Gamulcek, Sophie Josephine Porambo.

5th: Leanore Scherer, Mary Bereznak, Anne Kerr, Annabelle Schreiber, Ruth Evans, Shirley Fowler, Dorothy Dankel, Eleanor Hehm, Sare Moyer Shupp, Betty Krueger.

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