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ALLENTOWN HOSPITAL NURSES GRADUATE Members of the class of the Allentown Hospital School of Nursing, which was graduated at exercises Friday night, are shown above.

Front row: Misses Dorothy Gehman, Cleonice Brein-inger, Anne Frehn, Joyce Schaeffer, E. Ruth Ueberroth, Marie Shutack.

Second row: Joan D. Moyer, Bernice Hoffman, Rita Ann Eagen, Janice Holtzman, and Eleanore R. Miklychak.

Third row: Joyce E. Myers, Alice Louise Himler, Loretta Gruver, Joan L. Blackwell, Althea Hawk, class president. and Mary Lou Semmel.

Fourth row: Maryellen A. Dalinsky, Anna Marie Moncman, Kathryn A. Moyer, June E. Hencelman, and Virginia O. Smale, class secretary.

Fifth row: Nancy June Kline, Dolores E. Geist, Concetta A. Zazo, class treasurer, Jeanette A. Dobil, Mary C. Weinsheimer, and Doris Snyder.

Sixth row: Dorcas J. Guldner, June E. Smith, Irene F. Wansock, Anna Mae Kelchner, and Pauline F. Staffieri, class vice president.

Members of the class not pictured are Mrs. Mary Jane Brown Herczeg, Shamokin, and Misses Shirley Lee Cease, Louise E. 'DeFrank, Rena O. Guth, Dorothy J. Gyda, Kathleen F. Leist, Faye Anne Meixell, and Jane Ann Yeisley.

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