A Randomized Trial of Two Vacuum Extraction Techniques.

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OBJECTIVE: To determine whether two techniques of vacuum extraction delivery-continuous vacuum and intermittent vacuum-have different effects on maternal-fetal outcomes.

METHODS: Patients to be delivered by vacuum extraction were randomized to receive continuous or intermittent vacuum. All deliveries were performed using the M-cup. In the continuous group, the level of vacuum was brought to 600 mmHg between contractions and was maintained at that level until delivery of the infant. Active efforts were made to prevent fetal loss-of-station between contractions by maintaining traction. In the intermittent group, the level of vacuum was decreased to 100 mmHg between contractions and no effort was made to prevent fetal loss-of-station.

RESULTS: A total of 322 patients were randomized: 164 in the continuous arm and 158 in the intermittent group. The continuous method did not effect delivery faster (continuous 167 +/- 175 seconds versus intermittent 167 +/- 150 seconds; P = .97), nor did it lead to a reduction in method failures (continuous 12, intermittent nine; P = .72). The intermittent method did not appear to offer any benefit to the neonate regarding cephalhematoma formation (continuous 20, intermittent 17; P = .686) or any other measure of neonatal outcome. Maternal lacerations and episiotomy extensions were evenly distributed between the groups. Overall, the efficacy rate of the vacuum cup was 93.5% and the cephalhematoma rate was 11.5%.

CONCLUSION: No differences in maternal or fetal outcome could be demonstrated if the level of vacuum was decreased between contractions or if an effort was made to prevent fetal loss-of-station. The clinical results obtained in this trial using the M-cup are similar to the published results with the stainless-steel Malmstrom cup.




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