Child Abuse Pocket Atlas Series Volume 4: Investigation, Documentation, and Radiology

Publication/Presentation Date

Spring 2016


In the investigation of child abuse, consistent investigative protocol and clear, thorough documentation of facts and findings are essential to ensuring justice for victims, both for those who survive and for those who do not. In order to achieve the best possible results in such cases, multidisciplinary investigative teams of first responders, law enforcement, and medical practitioners should be well prepared for the process of investigation and documentation as they work in tandem toward a just end for every case of abuse.
This new pocket atlas, part of an ongoing series on child abuse, offers nearly 500 full-color photos detailing proper approaches to crime scene investigation, physical and postmortem examinations, and photodocumentation, as well as a section on radiology and common fractures in cases of child maltreatment. Readers in medicine, law enforcement, and any other readers involved with child abuse and death investigations will enjoy the benefit of a compact and accessible guide to investigation and documentation.




Medicine and Health Sciences | Pediatrics


Department of Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics Faculty, Department of Radiology and Diagnostic Medical Imaging

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