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Like most projects I started with an Idea.

IDEA: Take one of the Bridging the Gap Between Art and Medicine sessions and create a virtual environment for it so the course can be taken by anyone who has Internet access.

From that idea I picked a session to start with and began looking at the specifics of how it was currently instructed.

Class Name: Bridging the Gap Between Art and Medicine

This course shows learners how to interpret art then shows them how

they can apply those interpretation skills to better diagnose.

After I understood the workings of the session I dived right in and began visualizing how I might make it better. I used new ideas to develop story boards of how the new course will be ran.

After that I dove deeper and began developing the actual environments which resulted with two different options; one developed with Avayalive and the other with Unity 3D.

After all was said and done I ended up with two environments both almost completely operational.

Story Boards

To make the course easier to understand I broke it down into three modules which provides click by click instructions to new learners.


Everything in the environments had to be made from scratch, which can be a daunting task however programs like Autodesk Maya allowed me to properly

Display my creative side and build what was needed.


For this project I had a choice between two platforms to launch the program from.

Each platform had its own strengths but in the end I decided to use Unity3D.


Mentor: Jason Paden


Research Scholars, Research Scholars - Posters


2013 Research Scholar Winner: Demonstration of Knowledge/Oral Presentation

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