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Cost Analysis in Supply Management

By: Kelsey L. Pecka

Department: Supply Chain

Mentor: Donna Lynn

Who We Are:

“Supply Management is responsible for the ordering of optimum levels of supplies, and consumables maintained for Lehigh Valley Health Network.”

What We Do:

“It is the policy of Lehigh Valley Health Network to achieve product standardization, and ensure products utilized meet the requirements acceptable to the clinical staff and the network through the development of a product formulary.”


This project aims to capture the statistics of the Supply Management Department and create cost analysis dashboards to observe monthly spending, saving, and activity.

Locations Analyzed:

  • Cardiac Catheterization / Electrophysiology Laboratories: Cedar Crest, Muhlenberg
  • Operating Room: Cedar Crest, Fairgrounds, Muhlenberg, 17th Street
  • Radiology: Cedar Crest, Muhlenberg

Hospital Supply Chain Management varies from the norm; it worries not about consumers’ wants, but patients’ needs.

References Cited:

"Supply Management." Lehigh Valley Health Network. N.p., n.d. Web. 20 July 2013. .

(Captions with appropriate photos/graphs):

The daily metrics for case load at the Cedar Crest OR.

The amount purchased for the Cedar Crest OR, separated by the various pars.

The value of inventory at the Cedar Crest OR, separated by the various pars.

The par SKU’s that were scanned for verses items that were not used at the Cedar Crest OR, separated by the various pars.

To save the hospital money, these items without usage should be reviewed and potentially terminated from the system.

Northeast Storage: the picking room for the OR cases.


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