Local aortic aneurysm wall expansion measured with automated image analysis.

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BACKGROUND: Assessment of regional aortic wall deformation (RAWD) might better predict for abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) rupture than the maximal aortic diameter or growth rate. Using sequential computed tomography angiograms (CTAs), we developed a streamlined, semiautomated method of computing RAWD using deformable image registration (dirRAWD).

METHODS: Paired sequential CTAs performed 1 to 2 years apart of 15 patients with AAAs of various shapes and sizes were selected. Using each patient's initial CTA, the luminal and aortic wall surfaces were segmented both manually and semiautomatically. Next, the same patient's follow-up CTA was aligned with the first using automated rigid image registration. Deformable image registration was then used to calculate the local aneurysm wall expansion between the sequential scans (dirRAWD). To measure technique accuracy, the deformable registration results were compared with the local displacement of anatomic landmarks (fiducial markers), such as the origin of the inferior mesenteric artery and/or aortic wall calcifications. Additionally, for each patient, the maximal RAWD was manually measured for each aneurysm and was compared with the dirRAWD at the same location.

RESULTS: The technique was successful in all patients. The mean landmark displacement error was 0.59 ± 0.93 mm with no difference between true landmark displacement and deformable registration landmark displacement by Wilcoxon rank sum test (

CONCLUSIONS: We found accurate and automated RAWD measurements were feasible with clinically insignificant errors. Using semiautomated AAA segmentations for deformable image registration methods did not alter maximal dirRAWD accuracy compared with using manual AAA segmentations. Future work will compare dirRAWD with finite element analysis-derived regional wall stress and determine whether dirRAWD might serve as an independent predictor of rupture risk.



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