Hickman catheter embolism in a child during stem cell transplantation.

Parvez Ahmed
Badshah Khan
Khalil Ullah
Waqas Ahmed MD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
Iftikhar Hussain
Asif Ali Khan
Masood Anwar


The majority of stem cell recipients rely on indwelling central venous catheters situated in superior vena cava or right atrium. Semi-permanent tunneled silicone rubber Hickman catheters are widely used to provide durable central venous access for patients undergoing stem cell transplantation. A case of 5 years old child with diagnosis of severe aplastic anemia is reported. The patient received peripheral blood stem cells (PBSC) and had successful engraftment with complete hematological recovery. He had Hickman catheter embolism in the pulmonary circulation following unsuccessful attempt to remove the line. The catheter was successfully removed by midsternostomy operation. The child is normal with sustained remission on day +218 post stem cell transplant.