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In May 1987, this class of nurses graduated from the program at the Nursing School in Allentown.

Front Row, left to right: S. Smetzer; A. Anders, M.F. Stabler; B. Hacker; S. Oravec; Jean Rohel

Second Row, left to right: Terry Thomas; J. Ritz; Jane Snyder; Eleanor Barsmy; Myra Ungrady

Third Row, left to right: Jannie Pearson Gilbert; Jan Helizman; M. Meder; Lee Dorney; Kay Fenstermaker

Fourth Row, left to right: Priscilla Jacobsen; Helen Seifert; Fran Triola; Cindy Mompil; Regina Pickett; Janet Kreller

Fifth Row, left to right: Sharon Repko; Andy Geshan; Bonnie Smith; Peg Dorney; Donna Carle; Darlene Matthis

Sixth Row, left to right: Charlotte Bauer; Suzanne Coriene; Carole Maetz; Candace Rakow

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