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Joseph F. McCloskey School of Nursing Class of 2018.

front row, going left to right: Peter D. Bendza, Megan L. Bowers, Diana M. Costenbader, kaitlyn R. Daniels, Megan E. Fidler, Allyson C. Finster, Tawny R. Gilbert, Christina L. Green, Andrea L. Heim, Samantha J. Hertz, Kelsey M. Hughes.

back row, left to right: Brianna E. Lopez, Lauren J. Lorent, Miranda L. Neary, Michael J. Neidlinger, Cady E. O'Malley, Robyn L. Orth, Christopher G. Paroby, Alaina N. Petrovich, Adrienne L. Pinchot, Mariah R. Sabol, Mariah P. Sands, Samantha J. Savitsky, Brianna J. Schlauch, Amber I. Semanchyk, Brylee K. Spieles, Victoria S. Yaracz.

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