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Front: Henry F. Fetterman, M.D., Medical Resident; Stanley J. Yamula, M.D., Surgical Resident; Charles D. Schaeffer, M.D., Surgical Resident; George W. Thoma, Jr., M.D., Pathological Resident; William C. Grasley, M.D., Surgical Resident. Middle: Robert W. Leipold, M.D.; Gilbert M. Hoffman, M.D.; Luther R. Zehner, M.D.; Dan Oniki, M.D.; Earl S. Reimer, M.D. Back-. Kenneth E. Jones, M.D.; Donald M. Feigley, M.D.; Robert P. Fenstermacher, Jr., M.D.; George P. Rutt, M.D.; Robert J. Beitel, M.D.

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