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The Allentown Hospital

With gratitude for their outstanding leadership and service to the Allentown Hospital and to the community. We salute the past chairmen of the Allentown Hospital Board of Directors.

Rev. J.A. Singmaster, D.D. 1896-1913

Judge Edward Harvey 1902-1913

James F. Hunsicker 1914-1926

Fred B. Gernerd, Esq. 1926-1948

Reuben J. Butz, LL.D. 1949-1951

Louis P. Neuweiler 1951-1953

William J. Roberts 1953-1961

Charles E. Oakes 1961-1964

Charles G. Helwig 1964-1968

John J. McCartney 1968-1971

J. Mauser Lerch 1971-1974

Hon. Henry V. Scheirer 1974-1977

Henry H. Dent 1977-1979

Morton I. Silverman, M.D. 1979-1982

William C. Roberts 1982-1985

Robert E. McNabb 1985-1987

Abram Samuels 1987

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