Technical Challenges in the Clinical Application of Radiomics.

Faiq A. Shaikh
Brian J. Kolowitz
Omer Awan
Hugo J. Aerts
Anna von Reden
Safwan Halabi
Sohaib A. Mohiuddin MD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
Sana Malik
Rasu B. Shrestha
Christopher Deible


Radiomics is a quantitative approach to medical image analysis targeted at deciphering the morphologic and functional features of a lesion. Radiomic methods can be applied across various malignant conditions to identify tumor phenotype characteristics in the images that correlate with their likelihood of survival, as well as their association with the underlying biology. Identifying this set of characteristic features, called tumor signature, holds tremendous value in predicting the behavior and progression of cancer, which in turn has the potential to predict its response to various therapeutic options. We discuss the technical challenges encountered in the application of radiomics, in terms of methodology, workflow integration, and user experience, that need to be addressed to harness its true potential.