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Question 16

A 45-year female was transplanted with a HLA-haploidentical donor (her 20-year-old son) and is now day 15 post-transplant. She is to be transfused today for a Hemoglobin of 6.5 G/dL, her ANC is 0.8/cmm and PL are 20,000/cmm. She is A- and the donor is B+, reticulocyte count is still

  1. Type A- PRBC
  2. Type B+ PRBC
  3. Type AB- PRBC
  4. Type O- PRBC
  5. Type O+ PRBC


Option 4. This donor has bidirectional ABO incompatibility (B transplanted into A) with the donor, in this instance her Rh+ son. Cross match compatible type O blood will be the safest option since residual recipient derived anti B and evolving donor derived anti A will not impact the transfused red cells. She has still not had myeloid engraftment so going with donor blood is not appropriate, and transfusion of recipient blood type risks a donor immune response.


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