Relationship Between Sexual Activity, Contraceptive Utilization and Biopsychosocial Characteristics Among Homeless Shelter Adolescents.

Brittany Gaudet BS, MSPH, Lehigh Valley Health Network
Nina Liu
Allison N Kayne
Taylor L Jarvill
Cecilia Zemanek
Jeffrey M Downen
Hoonani M. Cuadrado, Lehigh Valley Health Network
Amy B. Smith PhD, Lehigh Valley Health Network
Marna R. Greenberg DO, MPH, FACEP, Lehigh Valley Health Network
Jessica L Jacoby
Joanne Quiñones MD, MSCE, Lehigh Valley Health Network


Objective: To determine whether biopsychosocial factors are associated with sexual activity and contraceptive utilization among homeless shelter adolescents. Methods: A retrospective study of 440 adolescents at a shelter in Pennsylvania between February 2015 and September 2019 was conducted. The cohort was evaluated to determine what relationship age, gender identity, substance use, and trauma history have with sexual activity and contraceptive utilization. Results: Sexual activity was significantly related to age (mean 15.8+1.4 years in sexually active vs. 14.7+1.6 years in abstinent youth, p