Transvaginal chorionic villus sampling.

E Sidransky
S H Black
D M Soenksen
S L Jones
A D Dorfmann
J D Schulman


Chorionic villus sampling (CVS) with either transcervical catheters or transabdominal needles is a widely-accepted method for prenatal diagnosis. However, there exists a small subset of patients in whom sampling is difficult or impossible with either route because of individual anatomic variations. A new method of chorionic villus biopsy has been developed to circumvent these problems, utilizing transvaginal chorionic needle aspiration guided by an intravaginal ultrasound probe. This technique was performed successfully in 15 patients in whom villi could not be obtained by either of the conventional methods. This method now makes CVS possible in essentially all women regardless of their uterine anatomy or placental placement; it may also prove useful for very early chorionic sampling.