Burn Disaster-Management Planning: A Preparedness Tool Kit

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It is vital that preburn center emergency providers have the knowledge and equipment needed to treat burn-injured patients should there be an extended delay in transporting the patients to a burn center as may be the case during a mass-casualty incident or weather-related emergency. Since 2007 a collaborative effort has been underway to build an emergency-response tool kit that provides to and draws from local, state, and federal resources. This tool kit is designed to fill knowledge deficits regarding burn treatment as well as address gaps in stockpiled treatment materials. This tool kit was implemented in four modules: provide equipment, provide guidance, provide education, and provide drill. Module one ensures that equipment needed for treating burn injuries is available to emergency providers. Module two ensures that policies and procedures congruent with the practice of the regional burn center are in place. Module three ensures that preburn center providers are provided education on modern burn care. Module four is to drill. The sum of the effort by the authors is the establishment of a tool kit that enhances the capabilities of preburn center emergency providers. Implementation has led to improved collaborative relationships, increased the awareness of available resources, and reduced knowledge deficit regarding burn care among preburn center providers. This tool kit provides greater continuity of care for all burn patients affected by a delay in transport to a burn center, and its modular structure makes it adaptable to other regions as a whole or in part.




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