Improving glycemic control in the acute care setting through nurse education.

Joyce Najarian MSN, RN, CDE, Lehigh Valley Health Network
Kimberly Bartman RN, BSN, CVN, Lehigh Valley Health Network
Julie Kaszuba BSN, RN, Lehigh Valley Health Network
Christine M. Lynch BSN, RN, Lehigh Valley Health Network

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Patients with a primary or secondary diagnosis of diabetes present unique challenges during an inpatient hospital stay to treat an acute or chronic illness. Upon review of current hospital practice, an interprofessional team embarked on a performance improvement project to improve outcomes for the complex medical-surgical diabetic patient. The methods detailed herein--a comprehensive education plan, preceptorship and peer accountability, active engagement and support by the unit nursing leadership team, and interprofessional collaboration--offer strategies any organization can implement to positively impact diabetes care.