The effect of a silver hydrogel sheet dressing on postsurgical incision healing after foot and ankle surgery.

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Introduction: Silver hydrogel dressings are antimicrobial dressings with the potential to aid post-surgical healing. The purpose of this study is to evaluate the effects of a silver hydrogel dressing on postoperative scarring and complications.

Methods: 40 foot and ankle patients (48.43 ± 16.82 years) were included in the study with 20 patients in each group. Postoperatively, the treatment group was treated with a silver hydrogel sheet dressing, and the control group was treated with a standard petroleum-based dressing. Follow-up was performed at two, six, and 12 weeks. Postoperative scarring and complications were evaluated and compared between groups. Scarring was evaluated using the Patient and Observer Scar Assessment Scale (POSAS). Scar length and width were measured using digital calipers and used to compute scar area.

Results: The treatment group demonstrated statistically significant improvements in the POSAS observer score and observer opinion at six and 12 weeks (

Conclusion: These results suggest that the inherent properties of the silver hydrogel dressing may improve postsurgical scarring.

Lay Summary: Surgical incisions result in scar, which can present both cosmetic and rehabilitation concerns after foot or ankle surgery. It is standard to use a petroleum-based dressing on incisions after surgery, however, advancements in incisional dressings have been made over the past 20 years. One such advancement is silver-impregnated hydrogel sheet dressings which have been shown to maintain a moist wound environment conducive to healing, while decreasing the chance of infection through its antimicrobial properties. This paper evaluates scar healing after foot or ankle surgery in patients treated with either the standard petroleum-based dressing, or the silver hydrogel sheet dressing. Patients who were treated with the silver hydrogel dressing had less itching and pain, as well as a smaller scar area than patients in the standard dressing group. Therefore, our results suggest that the silver hydrogel dressing may improve scarring after surgery.



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