Report from the National Transplantation Pregnancy Registry (NTPR): outcomes of pregnancy after transplantation.

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From the first reports of pregnancy in each of the organ groups to the present, concerns varied and were specific to the type of transplant. Organ-specific issues still require additional attention and analyses. Lung recipients appear at greatest risk for poorer pregnancy outcomes. Given these ongoing concerns and the constant advent of new developments, clinicians are responsible for providing pregnancy counseling in all pre- and posttransplant recipients of childbearing age. As individual physicians and centers accrue experience with these major therapeutic decisions, it is critical that both positive and negative outcomes be reported in appropriate settings-symposia, meetings, publications, and registries. Future analyses from the NTPR are directed at potential effects of newer immunosuppressive regimens, not only from immediate exposure, but also from continued exposures such as may occur from breastfeeding. As the registry study design allows for contact between registry staff and recipients and their health care providers, efforts are ongoing to analyze long-term outcomes of parent and child. Continued close collaboration among specialists will help to identify potential pregnancy risks in these populations, particularly as new immunosuppressive agents are developed. Therefore, centers are encouraged to report all pregnancy exposures in transplant recipients to the NTPR. The 50th anniversary of the first posttransplant pregnancy (reported by Joseph Murray, et al. (11)) was in March 2008. With this important landmark event and with ongoing pregnancy issues concerning posttransplant pregnancy safety, this is an ideal time to raise the awareness of the need for continued worldwide cooperation for data collection. Enhanced assessment of pregnancy safety is essential to the development of guidelines for counseling and management of pregnancy in the transplant population.

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