Global TravEpiNet: A National Consortium of Clinics Providing Care to International Travelers—Analysis of Demographic Characteristics, Travel Destinations, and Pretravel Healthcare of High-Risk US International Travelers, 2009–2011


Regina C. LaRoque, Massachusetts General Hospital
Sowmya R. Rao, Massachusetts General Hospital
Jennifer Lee, Nortthwestern Memorial Hospital
Vernon Ansdell, Kaiser Permanenete - Honolulu
Johnnie A. Yates, Kaiser Permanenete - Honolulu
Brian S. Schwartz, University of California - San Francisco
Mark Knouse MD, Lehigh Valley Health NetworkFollow
John Cahill, St Luke's - Roosevelt
Stefan Hagmann, Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Joseph Vinetz, University of California - San Diego
Bradley A. Connor, Cornell University
Jeffrey A. Goad, University of Southern California
Alawode Oladele, DeKalb County Board of Health Travel Services
Salvador Alvarez, Mayo Clinic - Jacksonville
Phyllis Kozarsky, Emory University
Carlos Franco-Paredes, Emory University
Roberta Dismukes, Emory University
Jessica Rosen, Georgetown University
Noreen A. Hynes, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Frederique Jacquerioz, Tulane University of Louisiana
Susan McLellan, Tulane University of Louisiana
DeVon Hale, University of Utah
Theresa Sofarelli, University of Utah
David Schoenfeld, Massachusetts General Hospital
Nina Marano, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Atlanta
Gary Brunette, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Atlanta
Emily S. Jentes, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Atlanta
Emad Yanni, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Atlanta
Mark J. Sotir, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Atlanta
Edward T. Ryan, Massachusetts General Hospital
Global TravEpiNet Consortium

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