Child Abuse Pocket Atlas Series Volume 1: Skin Injuries

Publication/Presentation Date

Spring 2016


kin injuries are among the most common, and, certainly, the most visible, symptoms of physical abuse in children. In some cases, these injuries may leave lasting marks on the bodies of the abused-enduring tokens of the pain inflicted upon them. Because professionals working with children will, at times, encounter such injuries, it is vital they be able to recognize abusive burns, bruises, and other skin injuries in order to differentiate them from accidental injuries and to respond appropriately when encountered.
This new pocket atlas, the first of an ongoing series on child maltreatment, includes 600 full-color photographs of skin injuries in children, with diagnostic case studies written by attending medical professionals. It is expertly designed by and for first responders, medical practitioners, and social service professionals who routinely work with children. Any readers who encounter, or may encounter, cases of child abuse in the course of their work will enjoy the benefit of a pocket-sized photographic reference to better inform and support the identification of abusive skin injuries in children.




Medicine and Health Sciences | Pediatrics


Department of Pediatrics, Department of Pediatrics Faculty, Department of Pediatrics Residents

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