Optimizing Therapy for Acute Coronary Syndrome, David A. Cox MD (Presentation)

An Engaged Nurse Residency Program Creates Leaders at the Bedside, Arielle Cratsenberg BSN, RN and Pamela Fisher RN (Presentation)


The Privilege' of Addiction, Jennifer Daly DO (Presentation)

Clinician Engagement in Quality: The Evidence - Based Practice (EBP) FellowS2 (Sharing Science) Program, Carolyn L. Davidson RN, PhD (Presentation)

Incorporating Autoethnography in Primary Care: Medical Narratives as Reflective Practice for Self and Patient-Centered Care., Nicole Defenbaugh PhD and William L. Miller MD, MA (Presentation)

Cyanotic Infants: Review and Management of Cardio-Respiratory Complications, Tasha Desai DO and Patrick Philpot DO (Presentation)

Put one Foot in Front of the Other: Early Mobilization for Elders, Catherine Dimostsis-Schaefer BSN, RN and Eileen Sacco MSN, RN, CNRN, ONC (Presentation)


Reducing Antipsychotic Medications on a Transitional Care Unit., Nancy Dirico MSN, RN, CMSRN (Presentation)

Seven Top Recent Pediatric Achievements: Lessons and Inspiration, Elaine A. Donoghue MD, Felipe Bautista-Otanez MD, Wendy J. Kowalski MD, Tibisay Villalobos MD, and Katelyn Lindner DO (Presentation)


Hernias, Lauren Dudas MD (Presentation)


Penetrating Abdominal Trauma, Lauren Dudas MD (Presentation)

Diagnostic Considerations of Primary Lung Adenocarcinoma in Biopsy Specimens., Heba Y. Durra MD (Presentation)

Select Topics in Interstitial Lung Disease and Pulmonary Vascular Disease: Pathologic Diagnosis and Variations., Heba Y. Durra MD (Presentation)

Small Biopsies in the Era of Personalized Medicine: Diagnostic Challenges, Molecular Analysis and Controversies., Heba Y. Durra MD (Presentation)


Preop Evaluation/Post Operative Care (Nutrition, Pain Management), Malia Eischen MD, Meghan L. Good MD, and Lung-Ching Lee MD (Presentation)

Abnormal Liver Function Tests in Children, Dalya El Tawil MD (Presentation)

Abusive Head Trauma: The Work of a Child Abuse Pediatrician in the Courtroom and Beyond, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Child Abuse: What EMS Needs to Know, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Examination Findings in Child Sexual Abuse, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Family Violence, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Family Violence Threatens Child, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

In the Belly of the Whale: Surviving Thoracoabdominal Trauma, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Sexual Abuse & the Media: Friend or Foe, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

The Whole Truth About Abusive Head Trauma, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Update on Child Sexual Abuse, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Update on Physical Abuse, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Translating Evidence into Practice to Improve Outcomes for the Elderly Patient, Amanda Fougere and Tracie Heckman MSN, RN, CMSRN (Presentation)


Physician, Mother, Patient: An Autoethnographic Examination of Post Partum Depression, Tara Franhouser DO (Presentation)


Conference Learnings, Diane Fritts (Presentation)

Vasospasm! Utilization of Nicardipine Infusion as an Adjunct Therapy., Susana Garcia BSN, RN, CNRN; Maureen Smith MSN, RN, CNRN; and Nicholas Stendell BSN, RN, CNRN (Presentation)

Advanced Support in Obstetrics, Linda Garufi (Presentation)

Newborn Surgical Emergencies, Anthony J. Georges MD (Presentation)

Eating Disorders: What You Need to Know, Rosa Gomez-DeJesus MD (Presentation)

Acute Abdomen/GI Disease, Meghan L. Good MD, Malia Eischen MD, Daniel Meikle MD, Courtney M. Edwards MD, and Gregg M. Baranski MD (Presentation)


Ideas to Execution and Dissemination: Nuts and Bolts of Research and EBP Projects, Kevin P. Gosselin PhD (Presentation)


Mixed Methods Research Designs, Kevin P. Gosselin PhD (Presentation)

The Boy Who Cried Cough: A Case Review and Discussion of Recurrent Pneumonia, Lauren Greenawald DO (Presentation)

"QI 101: Basics of Quality Improvement"., Grant M. Greenberg M.D., M.H.S.A., M.A. (Presentation)

"QI 201: Practical Application for Quality Improvement"., Grant M. Greenberg M.D., M.H.S.A., M.A. (Presentation)

The Effectiveness of PIP Extension Restriction and DIP Casting in Type 1 Mallet Fingers Compared to the Gold Standard DIP Only Casting Protocol in Patients with Mallet Finger Injuries who Present with no PIP Joint Laxity and/or Secondary Swan Neck Deformity, Marie-Lyne Grenier MSc, OTR/L, OTD and Jay S. Talsania MD (Presentation)

National Quality Indicators and Quality Improvement in Hemophilia, J Nathan Hagstrom MD, MHCM (Presentation)


Indications for Warfarin in Trauma Patients, Victor V. Ha MD and Rovinder S. Sandhu MD (Presentation)

Transforming From an Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) to a Hospital Based ASC., Darlene Hinkle (Presentation)

We’ve Got Talent: Partnering With Human Resources for Recruiting, Hope L. Johnson MSN, RN, CNOR, NEA-BC and Jeanne P. Luke MSN, RN, CNOR (Presentation)

Focus on Nurse Resident Organizational Engagement, Patricia Karo MSEd, BSN, RN-BC (Presentation)

Chronic Perineal Pain - A True Dilemma, Indru Khubchandani MD (Presentation)

Surgery During Pregnancy, End State Renal Disease and Immunocompromising Hematologic Disorders, Indru Khubchandani MD (Presentation)

The Patient-Centered Medical Home: Developmental Stages of Transformation and Successful Care Delivery., Autumn Kieber-Emmons MD, MPH and William L. Miller MD, MA (Presentation)


The Hidden Ethics Code, Samuel J. Knapp EdD, ABPP and Jeffrey L. Sternlieb PhD (Presentation)


Radiation Oncology - Fulfilling a Need for Research, Education and Practice: Effectiveness of Calendula Lotion for Radiation Dermatitis (Presentation), Mary Konek RN, OCN, BA and Jennifer B. Bergenstock BSN, RN, OCN (Presentation)

Ataxia in Children, Karoline Korah DO (Presentation)


Participation in Clinical Research: A Thorough Explanation in Their Own Language Helps Family Medicine Patients Decide., Anita Kurt PhD, RN; Charity Curtis MPH; Melanie B. Johnson MPA; Henry Liu MD; Beth Careyva MD; Jerry Chang BS; Alex Winter BS; Claudia P. Santiago BA; Wendy H. York BS, MA; Kathleen Staubinger RN, BSN; and Brian Stello MD (Presentation)

Participation in clinical research: what influences EM patients?, Anita Kurt PhD, RN; Charity Curtis MPH; Michael Low DO; Clifford Masom MD; Bernadette Glenn-Porter BS; Jeanne L. Jacoby MD; Ross Cohen MD; and Tanner Folster DO (Presentation)

Surgical Critical Care/Trauma, Lung-Ching Lee MD and Heather Norman MD (Presentation)


Agenda Overview, Lehigh Valley Health Network (Presentation)

Is This Normal Teen Angst?: The Identification and Management of Depression and Anxiety in Adolescents, Valerie J. Lewis M.D. (Presentation)


Value-Based Medicine: The Financial Impact of a Pressure Ulcer Prevention Program on a Trauma Population, Jayme D. Lieberman MD; Patrick S. Duffy MD; Kai L. Bortz RN; Rovinder S. Sandhu MD; Michael D. Pasquale MD, FACS, FCCM; and Michael M. Badellino MD (Presentation)


Acute Care Surgical Service Experience with Ruptured Visceral Artery Aneurysms, Jayme D. Lieberman MD, Meghan L. Good MD, Rovinder S. Sandhu MD, and Michael M. Badellino MD (Presentation)

Meningococcemia in the Pediatric Critical Care Population, Amy L. Lindmark DO (Presentation)

Postoperative Care of the Thoracic Surgical Patient, Vincent E. Lotano MD (Presentation)

Teleburn Outreach, Daniel D. Lozano MD (Presentation)

Developing a National Model of Surgical Excellence, Martin A. Martino MD (Presentation)

Proper Docking Technique and Using the 4th Arm, Martin A. Martino MD (Presentation)

Simulation and Trainig: Urology, General Surgery, Colorectal and Gynecology Sessions, Martin A. Martino MD (Presentation)

Standardizing Training and Credentialing in Robotic Surgery, Martin A. Martino MD (Presentation)

Training House Staff in Robotic Surgery, Martin A. Martino MD (Presentation)


Herbs, Supplements and Athletes, Neilson Mathews MD (Presentation)

Reappraising the AAP's Urinary Tract Infection Guidelines: Results of a Clinical Research Project, Richard J. Mazzaccaro MD (Presentation)

What to Do with a Broken Heart: EMS Considerations in Pediatric CHD, Richard J. Mazzaccaro MD and Timothy Roach DO (Presentation)

2-Year Results of the Prestige LP Cervical Total Disc Replacement Vs Anterior Discectomy and Fusion IDE Clinical Trial, Jeffrey McConnell MD (Presentation)

5-Year Results of the Prestige LP Cervical Total Disc Replacement Vs Anterior Discectomy and Fusion IDE Clinical Trial, Jeffrey McConnell MD (Presentation)

World Class Nursing on the Night Shift. Innovative Patient Care Outcomes., Krysten McGovern BSN, RN, CMSRN and Kimberly Weiss BSN, RN (Presentation)


Implementing Evidence-Based Practice in Real World Practice Settings: Key Strategies for Conducting and Disseminating EBP Implementation Projects, Bernadette Melnyk PhD, RN, CPNP/PMHNP, FAAN, FNAP, FAAN (Presentation)


The So What Outcome Factor in Research and EBP Projects: A Necessity to Speed the Translation of Research into Practice, Bernadette Melnyk PhD, RN, CPNP/PMHNP, FAAN, FNAP, FAAN (Presentation)


Transcending Boundaries to Transform Healthcare Through Intervention Research and Evidence-Based Practice, Bernadette Melnyk PhD, RN, CPNP/PMHNP, FAAN, FNAP, FAAN (Presentation)


A Pilot Study Investigating the Utilization of Crest Pads for Treatment of Toe Callus and Ulceration (RD Presentation), Monica L. Melo DNP, RN, ACNS-BC, CWOCN, CFCN (Presentation)


A Pilot Study Investigating the Utilization of Crest Pads for Treatment of Toe Callus and Ulceration (Presentation), Monica L. Melo DNP, RN, ACNS-BC, CWOCN, CFCN; James McCullough MD; Tricia S. Bernecker PhD, MSN, RN, ACNS-BC; John J. Hong MD; and Jane Scott Trumbauer (Presentation)

Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome - Past, Present and Future, Andrew S. Meyer MD, MBA (Presentation)

Taking the Mystery Out of Arterial Blood Gas Interpretation, Kenneth Miller MEd, RRT-NPS, ACCS, AE-C, FAARC (Presentation)

Seizures Classification, Single Seizure Treatment and Pediatric Sleep Apnea, Sameh Morkous MD (Presentation)

Breast Reconstruction: Development and Utility of a Risk Assessment Tool, Robert X. Murphy JR, MD, MS (Presentation)

To Re-excise or Not to Re-excise: Positive Margins After Excision of Non-Melanoma Skin Cancers, Robert X. Murphy JR, MD, MS (Presentation)

VTE Prophylaxis in Plastic Surgery, Robert X. Murphy JR, MD, MS (Presentation)


Descriptive Evaluation of the Use of a Nonactivated Four-Factor Prothrombin Complex Concentrate versus Fresh Frozen Plasma for Warfarin Reversal in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury, Morgan Myers PharmD and Jason Laskosky PharmD, BCPS (Presentation)

Explore How Behavioral Health Integration Improves Care in a Variety of Clinical Settings, Edward R. Norris MD, FAPA, FAPM; Jamie Bongiovi LCSW; James Ezrow LCSW; and Valerie J. Lewis M.D. (Presentation)

"Creating a Culture of Gratitude: Giving and Receiving Appreciation"., Amy Odom DO and Jeffrey L. Sternlieb PhD (Presentation)

Preventative Cardiology: Hypertension, High Cholesterol and Obesity, Robert A. Palermo DO (Presentation)

Welcome, Anne Panik MS, BSN, RN, NEA-BC (Presentation)


2015 Annual NSQIP Conference ERIN (Enhanced Recovery in NSQIP) Session, Michael D. Pasquale MD, FACS, FCCM; Pat Toselli DO; Richard Kolesky MD; Robert J. Sinnott DO; Cathleen Webber RN, MSHS; Sharon Pustilnik RN, BS; and Justina A. Momah RN, CRNP (Presentation)

Pediatric Gastroenterology and Feeding Difficulty, Adam R. Paul DO (Presentation)


New Services to Enhance a Health Care Network's Reputation: Digital Commons at LVHN, A Health Network Experience, Kristine A. Petre MLS, CM, AHIP (Presentation)

Cervical Spine Injuries in the Young Athlete, Julie N. Phillips MD (Presentation)

Infectious Disease Case Presentation, Eliana Piedrahita-Llano MD (Presentation)


Modified Early Warning Score Effect in the ICU Patient Population, Anne Rabert RN, DHA, CCRN, NE-BC (Presentation)


Modified Early Warning Score Effect in the ICU Patient Population (Presentation), Anne Rabert MHSA, RN, CCRN, NE-BC (Presentation)


Robotic Sublobar Resection for the Surgical Management of Isolated Pulmonary Nodules, Victor S. Reis MD, Kyle M. Langston PA-C, Alec Talsania, Alexander Werner, Michael F. Szwerc MD, Tim S. Misselbeck MD, and Mark E. Perry MD (Presentation)

Optimal Timing for Umbilical Cord Clamping, Migdalia Resto MD (Presentation)

Bilateral Vocal Cord Paralysis after Epidural Anesthesia, Samuel B. Reynolds BS, Jeffrey M. Saeks, and Marion B. Ridley (Presentation)


Patients with Disabilities as Teachers (P-DAT) Training in Medical Education ( PowerPoint), Rebecca Royce-Hickey DO, Sweety Jain MD, and Susan E. Hansen MA (Presentation)

Great Trauma Case Studies/Interactive Session, Rovinder S. Sandhu MD (Presentation)