New Developments in Pediatric Sleep Disorders, Sameh Morkous MD, FAAN (Presentation)



Better Teaching Means Better Learning: 45 Minutes, 100 Years of Educational Psychology, and 4 Concepts You Can Apply Today, Cheryl Arndt (Presentation)

Quality of life after treatment for obesity (Pearls) (Obesity, exercise and nutrition), Elaine Banerjee MD, MPH (Presentation)

Code RED: Using Strategic Questions as Codes to Track and Assess Learners’ Knowledge, Skills and Dispositions, Lynn Baynum PhD (Presentation)

Hot Topics From the CDC, Michael Bell MD (Presentation)

Targeting the Needs of Older Adults in Primary Care Through Multidisciplinary Home Visit Teams, Laura J. Benner RN, BSN, ACM-RN, CCCTM and Nyann Biery MS (Presentation)

Engaging Older Adults Through Memory Cafes and Art Therapy, Laura J. Benner RN, BSN, ACM-RN, CCCTM; Nyann Biery MS; and Michele Tarsitano-Amato MA, ATR-BC, CDP (Presentation)

Nursing Developed Patient Specific Plans to Improve Motivation and Engagement in Their Own Care, Susan G. Berg BSN, RN, CMSRN, OCN (Presentation)

Neurological Complications of Diabetic Ketoacidosis: The Role of Fluid Resuscitation, Melissa L. Brannen MD (Presentation)

Differentiating Dementia, Veronica Brohm DO (Presentation)

Dashboard of advancement and success for health services research (DASH)., Nicole M. Burgess, Melanie B. Johnson MPA, and Beth Careyva M.D. (Presentation)

Welcome and introduction, Cynthia A. Cappel MSN, RN-BC1 (Presentation)

How are patients using the portal? Portal use patterns within two PBRNs, Beth Careyva M.D., T Haggerty, and Kyle Shaak BS (Presentation)

Lessons Learned from Three Patient and Stakeholder Advisory Committees (Patient engagement), Beth Careyva M.D., Melanie B. Johnson MPA, and Randa Sifri MD (Presentation)


You May Be Prepared, But Are You Ready?, Michael Consuelos MD, MBA (Presentation)

A low-cost program assisting people with social needs: The Health Advocacy Program, Cathy Coyne PhD, MPH; Hilda T. Rivera MPH; and Roya Hamadani MPH (Presentation)

Emotional Intelligence and the Development of Empathy Through Social Awareness, Nicole Defenbaugh PhD (Presentation)


Utilization of the FSS-ICU to Assess Hospital Discharge Disposition, Marcel DiFiore SPT; Amanda Fink SPT; George Fischer SPT; Maria Jordan SPT; Erika Lebron SPT; Alyssa Rieger SPT; Michael Pechulis PT, DPT; and Julie M. Skrzat PT DPT PhD CCS (Presentation)

Assessing the New Learner and Developing an Action Plan, Gregory Durkin MEd, BSN, RN-BC (Presentation)

Reconnecting With Professional Joy, Gregory Durkin MEd, BSN, RN-BC (Presentation)


Reducing the Risk for Surgical Site Infections: Will Evidence-Based Practices Really Lead Us to the Promised Land?, Charles E. Edmiston Jr., PhD, SM (ASCP), CIC (CBIC) (Presentation)


Behind the Scenes of “To Err Is Human”, Mike Eisenberg (Presentation)

Data Visualization Best Practices, Ann Emery (Presentation)

Nurse Residency Accreditation: The Tale of Two Journeys, Tiffany C. Epting (Presentation)

Thank you and wrap-up, Tiffany C. Epting (Presentation)

How to Develop, Nurture, and Learn from Cross-Disciplinary Research Partnerships, Rebecca Etz PhD; Jeffrey Borkan MD, PhD; Roberta Goldman PhD; William L. Miller MD, MA; Kathleen Culhane-Pera MD, MA; Aimee Eden PhD, MPH; Robert Straka PharmD, FCCP; Charles Eaton MD, MS; and Tyler Barreto MD (Presentation)

Infant Gastroesophageal Reflux: When and How to Treat, Danielle A. Ferraguti DO (Presentation)

From Shared to Professional Governance at the Unit-Level, Anna V. Folk MSN, MSN, RN, CPN and Morgan Kutz BSN, BSN, RN, CEN (Presentation)

Are You Ready? Simulations That Impact Practice, Kerri Green MS, MEd.; Edith Gray MSN, RN, CEN, PHRN; Kathleen L. Chenard MSN, RNC-OB; Katie Best MSN, RN, CEN; Catherine Jacobs BSN, RNC-OB; and Amber C. Felton BSN, RN, CEN (Presentation)


Learner Saturation: The Tsunami We’re Facing, Margaret A. Hadinger EdD, MS, ACC; Kerri Green MS, MEd.; and Barbara Morici (Presentation)

Does Earlier Cannulation with V-V ECMO in Patients with ARDS Decrease Duration of AMV, Christine Hartner BSN, RN, PCCN (Presentation)

Necessity For Focused Assessments, Lien Hoang BSN, RN (Presentation)

Improving Early Access to Care for Young Children at Risk for Developmental Delay, Yvette Janvier (Presentation)

Questions and Answers: The Evidence for Both: How to Ask an Answerable Question and Search for the Answer, Bryan G. Kane MD (Presentation)

Creating A Research Environment in the Community Hospital, Maged Khalil MD (Presentation)

Caring for the Child with Down Syndrome, Katie E. Kindt (Presentation)

Building sustainable community partnerships to support integrated care: the SDoH ''use case", Michael Klinkman MD, MS; Beth Careyva M.D.; Donald Nease MD; Samantha A. Shaak PhD; Neil Korsen MD; and Yuri Cartier MPH (Presentation)

What’s the ROI? Negotiating with health systems to create sustainable community partnerships to address health disparities., Michael Klinkman MD, MS; Donald Nease MD; Beth Careyva M.D.; and Sarah Brewer MPH (Presentation)


Agenda, Lehigh Valley Health Network (Presentation)


Agenda, Lehigh Valley Health Network (Presentation)

Medical Cannabis, Gretchen Maurer (Presentation)


NetworkFleming Symposium: Update on Quality, Patient Safety and Wellness, Matthew M. McCambridge MD, MS, FACP, FCCP (Presentation)

Preventing Mechanical Ventilation in Patients with Retained Secretions, Kenneth Miller MEd, RRT-NPS (Presentation)

Reducing Pressure Injuries During Invasive and Non-invasive Ventilation, Kenneth Miller MEd, RRT-NPS (Presentation)

Sepsis: The Spiral of Doom, Kenneth Miller MEd, RRT-NPS (Presentation)

TCO2 is it a Surrogate for PaCO2?, Kenneth Miller MEd, RRT-NPS (Presentation)

LVHN Position Statement: On The Use of Medical Marijuana For The Treatment Of Pediatric Patients With Tourette syndrome (TS), Sameh Morkous MD, FAAN (Presentation)


Sleep Aspects and Sleep Disorders in Children and Adolescents, Sameh Morkous MD, FAAN (Presentation)

How to Write an Abstract for Conference Presentations, Tina Roma Fisher MSN, RN, CRRN (Presentation)

Effect of restoration of thyroid function on body composition, insulin resistance and visfatin concentrations in women with hypo- and hyperthyroidism, Nadia Sawicka-Gutaj, Ariadna Zybek-Kocik, Michal Kloska, Agata Czarnywojtek, Jerzy Sowiński, Dorota Mańkowska-Wierzbicka, and Marek Ruchala (Presentation)

Trans Care is Primary Care: Training Family Medicine Residents in Transgender Healthcare, Jarret Sell MD, Beth Careyva M.D., Scott McCracken MD, and Shanin Gross DO (Presentation)

Creating a Tableau Dashboard to Enhance Clinical Quality Metric Visibility, Kyle Shaak MPH; Grant M. Greenberg M.D., M.H.S.A., M.A.; and Johnny Stoeckle MD, CHQS (Presentation)

Vaccine Hesitancy and Denial: What Is It, and What Can We Do?, Tara Smith PhD (Presentation)

Lighten Up and Let Go!, Mary Starshine (Presentation)

Improving Patient Safety Reporting in Primary Care Practices, Brian Stello MD and Megan Snyder BSN, RN, BC (Presentation)


Sustaining Success: Developing an Ambulatory Practice Toolkit to Maintain Quality Improvement Gains, Johnny Stoeckle MD, Deborah Bren DO, and Janelle Sharma (Presentation)

MEWS Scores and ICU Readmission Gap Analysis, Anna L. Thomas MSN, RN, CCRN, CNL (Presentation)

Modified Early Warning Score (MEWS) Influence on Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Readmissions, Anna L. Thomas MSN, RN, CCRN, CNL and Anne S. Rabert MHSA, RN, CCRN, NE-BC (Presentation)

The Journey toward Nurse-Led Interprofessional Geriatric Care: Implementing the Evidence, Rebecca Trotta PhD, RN (Presentation)

Using Instructional Technology to Engage Learners, Farah Vallera PhD (Presentation)

The Impact of Nurse Documentation Location on Charting Time, Janice Wilson MS, RN, CPHIMS (Presentation)


Over the Counter Supplements and Essential Oils, Lynn M. Wilson DO (Presentation)

Addressing Negative Attitudes toward Aging in Health Occupation Students and Professionals through Geriatric Simulation, Lynn M. Wilson DO (Presentation)

Can You Escape? The Design and Implementation of an Escape Room as an Innovative Teaching Strategy, Nicole Wiswesser RN (Presentation)

Future of Learning – Science Fiction Soon to Be Science Fact, Randy Ziegenfuss EdD (Presentation)

Generations Z – It’s Complicated!, Randy Ziegenfuss EdD (Presentation)


In the World of Patient Education, Head Nods Mean Nothing: Revolutionize How You Teach in Four Easy Steps, Marjorie Abele MSN, RN (Presentation)

Say What You Mean to Say: The Truth About Health Literacy in Health Care Today, Marjorie Abele MSN, RN (Presentation)

Nutritional Supplements with Medication Passes, Tiffany Achenbach MSN, RN, CMSRN and Seana J. Butz BSN, RN (Presentation)

Addressing social isolation and improving and well-being among marginalized populations in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, Sirry Alang PhD, Hasshan Batts PhD, Abby S. Letcher MD, and Janelle Zelko (Presentation)

“We feel uncomfortable in most medical settings”: Perceptions of social Perceptions of social exclusion among Black men and Latinx populations Allentown, Pennsylvania, Sirry Alang PhD, Hasshan Batts PhD, Abby S. Letcher MD, and Janelle Zelko (Presentation)

“Use of new, synthetic dermal matrix in reconstruction of complex wounds resulting from necrotizing soft tissue infection, electrical and thermal burns”, Hamed Amani MD (Presentation)


Enhanced Environmental Disinfection, Deverick J. Anderson MD, MPH, FIDSA, FSHEA (Presentation)

The Road Less Traveled: Evolution of a Peer Visitation Support Program for Limb Amputees, Kimberly Bartman RN, BSN, CVN (Presentation)

Sex differences in pediatric poisonings: an analysis of the Toxicology Investigators' Consortium (ToxIC) Registry: 2010 - 2016, Gillian A. Beauchamp MD; Matthew D. Cook DO; Robert D. Cannon DO; Kenneth D. Katz MD; Brittany Ely; Emily Pollack MD; Richard J. Mazzaccaro MD; and Marna R. Greenberg DO, MPH, FACEP (Presentation)

The Medicine Wheel: Four Dimensions of Relationship Building, Everitt Binns PhD (Presentation)

Thriving in an Age of Change: Understanding and Influencing Multi-Generational Differences in Your Organization, Everitt Binns PhD (Presentation)

An Algorithm of Burn Scar Treatment, Sigrid A. Blome-Eberwein MD (Presentation)

Does Topical Steroid after Fractional CO2 Laser Treatment of Scars Make a Clinical Difference?, Sigrid A. Blome-Eberwein MD (Presentation)

Do fractional epidermal micrografts have a role in burn surgery?, Sigrid A. Blome-Eberwein MD (Presentation)

"The long and painful road of burn reconstruction; this is the face I dream of", Sigrid A. Blome-Eberwein MD (Presentation)

V-V ECMO for Chlorine Inhalation Injury, Chantal Branco (Presentation)

V-V ECMO and Profound Instability: Think Mobility from Cannulation, Chantal Branco BSN, RN, CCRN and Jessica Dalton BSN, RN-BC, CCRN-CMC (Presentation)

Debrief to Learn: Learn to Debrief, Melissa L. Brannen MD (Presentation)

Fostering Relationships to Maximize Community Health Impact, Linda K. Brees MS and Kimberly C. Brown MD (Presentation)

Does Public Reporting Improve Quality?, P. J. Brennan MD (Presentation)

Interview Skills, Veronica Brohm DO (Presentation)

Pediatric Chest Wall Deformities, Marybeth Browne MD (Presentation)

Update in Pediatric Thoracic Surgery, Marybeth Browne MD (Presentation)

Allentown Children’s Health Improvement Project, Kimberly C. Brown MD (Presentation)

Food Insecurity and Pediatric Obesity - Utilizing a Healthy Neighborhood Immersion Strategy to Shape Our Children's Future, Kimberly C. Brown MD and Meagan L. Grega MD (Presentation)

Welcome and introduction, Cynthia A. Cappel MSN, RN-BC1 (Presentation)

Caring for LGBT patients and families, Beth Careyva M.D. (Presentation)

Assessing the INfant Penis, Michele R. Clement MD (Presentation)

Mr. Rogers, Homelessness & Community Success, Hoonani M. Cuadrado PA-C (Presentation)

Keynote: “The Evolution of EBP at LVHN”, Carolyn L. Davidson PhD, RN, APRN, CPHQ, NEA-BC (Presentation)

Narrative Medicine: How Patient Stories Can Improve Communication, Decision-making, Understanding, and Outcomes, LaShara Davis PhD (Presentation)

Best Practices in Cancel Clinical Trials; 2 Model Research Programs, Megan L. Derr RN, MSN (Presentation)

Cultivating Change: A Disease-Specific, Team-Based Approach to Improving Oncology Clinical Trials, Megan L. Derr MSN, AOCNS, CMSRN and Morgan M. Horton BSN, RN, CCRC (Presentation)

Child Care: Making Quality Choices that Address Each Child's Needs, Elaine A. Donoghue MD (Presentation)