Welcome and Introductions, Elaine A. Donoghue MD (Presentation)

Palliative Consult Access in the Rural Vacuum, Craig C. Durie CRNP (Presentation)

Migraine Update, Zuhal Ergonul MD (Presentation)

Booze, Drugs and Distraction: The Crux of Supervisory Neglect, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

The Connections Clinic: a new approach to substance abuse, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Liar, Liar Pants on Fire: the Art of Obtaining a Confession, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD, John Buckwalter, and Anna-Kristie Marks JD (Presentation)

The Opioid Crisis and Its Effect on Children, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD, Amanda B. Flicker MD, Wendy J. Kowalski MD, and Elaine A. Donoghue MD (Presentation)

Digital Dilemma: How much is too much?, Jemma Fiorentini (Presentation)

Targeting the Non-Clinical Needs of Older Adults through the Integration of Community Health Workers in Primary Care Practices, Brenda Frutos MPH, CHES; Cathy A. Coyne PhD, MPH; Nyann Biery MS; Lynn M. Wilson DO; Julie Dostal MD; Luz Cruz; Gloria Rivera; Yendira Rosario; Christina Galdi; and Akash sheth (Presentation)

Promoting Social Engagement in Spanish-Speaking Older Adults through Memory Cafes, Brenda Frutos MPH, CHES; Cathy A. Coyne PhD, MPH; Lynn M. Wilson DO; Nyann Biery MS; Laura J. Benner RN, BSN, ACM-RN, CCCTM; Luz Cruz; Gloria Rivera; Yendira Rosario; and Julie Dostal MD (Presentation)

Loss of Clients to Suicide: Clinical, Legal, Ethical and Personal Considerations, Aviva Gaskil PhD; Brett Schur PhD; Rachel Daltry PsyD; Jane Greenberg PhD; Govan A. Martin, III; and Jeffrey L. Sternlieb PhD (Presentation)

Physician Wellness: Building a Supportive Culture to Enhance Resiliency During a Crisis of Burnout, Grant M. Greenberg M.D., M.H.S.A., M.A. and Deborah Bren DO (Presentation)

Ambulatory Quality Assurance and Peer Review: Removing the Fear, Grant M. Greenberg M.D., M.H.S.A., M.A. and Brian Stello MD (Presentation)

What Is…Concept Mapping?, Elleen Grodziak EMd (Presentation)

Pediatric Chest Pain, Ruchi Gupta (Presentation)

The Secret to Problem-Solving and Improving: The Human Side of QI, J. Nathan Hagstrom MD, MHCM (Presentation)

Mobilizing FPIN Membership to Encourage Faculty Scholarship: A Reproducible Model?, Susan E. Hansen MA, Beth Careyva M.D., Drew Keister MD, and Brian Stello MD (Presentation)


Health Beliefs of Hispanic Patientswith Prediabetes in the Lehigh Valley, Susan E. Hansen MA, Melanie B. Johnson MPA, Kyle Shaak BS, and Beth Careyva M.D. (Presentation)

Pediatric Depression and the Role of the Primary Care Physician, Kelli N. Harajda (Presentation)

Inter-Professional Collaboration, Christine Hartner BSN, RN, PCCN (Presentation)

Geriatric Elopement: Code Purple, Tracie Heckman MSN, RN, CMSRN (Presentation)

Program organization 101: basics of day to day program leadership, Michele Holloway Nichols MD; Greg Gorman MD, MHS; Kris Rooney MD; Kathleen Donnelly MD; Christine Barron MD; Jenny Duncan MD; Brian Lurie MD, MPH, FAAP; Ross Myers MD; Tammy Bleeker BS, MEd; and Pamela Carpenter MEd, C-TAGME (Presentation)

"To Pee or Not to Pee"., Kristina Houck BSN, RN, CNRN (Presentation)

Improving Population Health Through Community Engagement: A Successful Medical Home Model, Sweety Jain MD and Maggie Chun-Allen DO (Presentation)

The Impact of a Focused Factory on Intraoperative Cost per Case in Elective Total Knee Replacement Surgery, Hope L. Johnson DNP, MBA, RN, CNOR, NEA-BC (Presentation)

Welcome, Kim Jordan MHA, BSN, RN, NE-BC (Presentation)

Huddled-Up and Wired to a Real-Time Electronic Dashboard, Kim Jordan MHA, BSN, RN, NE-BC and David B. Burmeister DO, FACEP, CPE (Presentation)

Challenges of Teaching in the 21st Century: We Can All Learn New Tricks, Bryan G. Kane MD, FACEP (Presentation)

Hot Topics in Peds Endo: Artificial Pancreata, PCOS Prevention and Transgender Kids, Laurissa L. Kashmer MD (Presentation)

“It’s All About Impact – Disseminating Residents’ EBP Projects, Julie Kaszuba BSN, RN (Presentation)


Efficacy and Safety of Oral Ferric Maltol (FM) in Treating Iron-Deficiency Anemia (IDA) in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD): Randomized, Controlled Trial, Nelson Kopyt DO, FASN, FACP (Presentation)

Neonatal Cranial Sonography: Techniques, Anatomy and Interpretaton, Neha Kothari MD (Presentation)

Pediatric Pain Management: History, Current State and Recommendations for Treatment including Opioid and Non-Opioid Options, Liborio LaRussa MD (Presentation)

Comprehensive Cross Departmental Panel on Feedback Delivery, Liborio LaRussa MD, FAAP; Katherine B. Martin MD; and Mark Prezioso MS, PA-C (Presentation)


Agenda, Lehigh Valley Health Network (Presentation)


Agenda, Lehigh Valley Health Network (Presentation)

Relationship Centered Care, Abby S. Letcher MD (Presentation)

Drowning in Children, John D. Lindmark (Presentation)

Adverse Childhood Experiences: Breaking the Cycle, Jennifer Mathew DO (Presentation)

Creating EPAs Using the Primary Care Exception Rule, Susan S. Mathieu MD, Nicole Defenbaugh PhD, Susan E. Hansen MA, and Drew Keister MD (Presentation)

A Dream for Universal Influenza Vaccination, Diane M. McGowan (Presentation)

Reducing Costs of Rental Beds, Joanna M. Mcknight MSN, RN, RN-BC (Presentation)

Addressing the Opioid Crisis: Strategies for ACOs, Kevin Mcneill MD (Presentation)

Advanced Ventilatory Options for Refractory Hypoxemia, Kenneth Miller MEd, RRT-NPS (Presentation)

18F-FDG PET Protocol for Metabolically Priming the Myocardium to Improve Sensitivity and Specificity in the Diagnosis of Cardiac Sarcoidosis., Sohaib A. Mohiuddin MD, Shabbir Ezuddin, Mark Foley, Efrosyni Sfakianaki, Russ Kuker, James Cassuto, Jorge Otero, Hongyun Zhu, Aldo Serafini, and Mike Georgiou (Presentation)

Using 360˚ Video to Captivate and Educate, Kate Morgan MA (Presentation)

Sculpting Pain: An Innovative Hands-on Approach to Teaching Complex Pain Care, Ashwini Kamath Mulki and Nicole Defenbaugh PhD (Presentation)


Contolling Multidrug Resistant Drug Resistant Organisms (MDROs)- Is the Juice Worth the Squeeze?, Carlene Muto MD, MS (Presentation)

Discovering Learning Disabilities, Kelli Nayak MD (Presentation)

Neonatal Pain: It is real......how do we address it?, Linda T. Nguyen (Presentation)

The Fetal Heart, Robert Palermo DO (Presentation)

Update in Nutrition for Infants, Rebecca E. Perry (Presentation)

Clinical Informatics: Collaboration between Sites for Lessons Learned and Shared Wisdom, Debra Peter MSN, RN-BC (Presentation)

“Pearls: CPM Upgrade”, Debra Peter MSN, RN-BC and Kelly Wiland MBA (Presentation)

Balint Groups: the Art of Relationship in Family Medicine, Phillip Phelps LCSW; Jeffrey L. Sternlieb PhD; Jose Nino MA, LCPC; Allison Bickett PhD, MS; and Chris Rule MSW (Presentation)


How to Identify Low Value and Ineffective Medical Care, Vinay Prasad MD, MPH (Presentation)

Falls Contract, Jennifer A. Rabenold MSN, RN, CDN and Danielle Glen BSN, RN (Presentation)

Tinkle Tuesdays and Foley Fridays – How Do These Impact Patient Safety and Quality?, Anne Rabert MHSA, RN, CCRN, NE-BC and Amanda K. Strunk BSN, RN (Presentation)

Stridor in the Infant Child, Roy Rajan MD (Presentation)

Stridor in the Infant Patient, Roy Rajan MD (Presentation)

A Shot in the Dark: A Story of Teenage Penetrating Trauma, Daniel Relles MD (Presentation)

Pediatric Trauma, Daniel Relles MD (Presentation)

Pediatric Trauma for Non-pediatric Providers, Daniel Relles MD (Presentation)

Penetrating Trauma to the Chest: All Hands on Deck – Benefits of a Children’s Hospital within an Adult Hospital, Daniel Relles MD (Presentation)

Pilonidal Disease, Daniel Relles MD (Presentation)

How to Deal with Our Most Challenging Patient, Sandra Relya and Jeffrey L. Sternlieb PhD (Presentation)

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Intervention: Mitigating Stress, Burnout and Compassion Fatigue in Nurses, Michele Rice BSN, RN, CEN (Presentation)

The Pressure is On: Diagnosis, Evaluation and Management of Pediatric High Blood Pressure, Lindsey Robel (Presentation)

The Dreaded Summary Statement, Kris Rooney MD (Presentation)

Dyspnea: A Case-Based Approach to a Complex Symptom, Michael S. Schwartz MD (Presentation)


Antimicrobial Stewardship Implementing an Effective Program, Edward Septimus MD, FACP, FIDSA, FSHEA (Presentation)

Google: Way More Than a Search Engine, Dean Shaffer MS (Presentation)

Improving Care for Patients With Diabetes: Methods and Outcomes of Large Practice Group-Level Implementation of a Clinical Pathway and Standard Work Principles Throughout Primary Care Practices, Janelle M. Sharma PA and Frank Sperrazza DO (Presentation)

Engagement in Education: It’s Not Just for the Learners, Stuart Slavin MD (Presentation)

Reflecting on the Day. Oh, the Educational Possibilities!, Amy B. Smith PhD; Joan Yankalunas MSN, RN, PCCN-K; and Bridgitte Yeager BSN, RN (Presentation)

Using Conversations about Teaching to Create and Support a Learning Community, Jeffrey L. Sternlieb PhD (Presentation)

Authentic Ethics and Self‐Reflection, Jeffrey L. Sternlieb PhD and Samuel J. Knapp EdD, ABPP (Presentation)

Adding Value to Your Educational Programming, Donna M. Stout BS, CHCP and Tricia Wilson MS (Presentation)


Increasing Interest in Family Medicine Through Innovative Student Curriculum and Promotion of Shared Work Among All Levels of Medical Learners, Katerina C. Valavanis MD, Veronica Brohm DO, and Yasir Abunamous MD (Presentation)

The Immunological Basis of Asthma with New and Emerging Treatments, Kathleen Ververeli MD (Presentation)

Increasing Patient Engagement in Their Care Utilizing Mobile Technology, Alice Vrsan RN-BC, MSN (Presentation)

Geriatric Simulation Suits as a Learning Tool to Promote Empathy Toward Older Adults, Lynn M. Wilson DO; Laura J. Benner RN, BSN, ACM-RN, CCCTM; Julie Dostal MD; and Nyann Biery MS (Presentation)

Teaching the Value of Interdisciplinary Collaborative Team-Based Care, Lynn M. Wilson and Nyann Biery MS (Presentation)

An Innovative Model of Training for Geriatric Primary Care: An Effort to Promote Team-Based Care for Older Adults, Lynn M. Wilson DO; Nyann Biery MS; Laura J. Benner RN, BSN, ACM-RN, CCCTM; Julie Dostal MD; and Brenda Frutos (Presentation)

Tackling Ageism in Health Occupational Students and Health Professionals through Geriatric Simulation, Lynn M. Wilson DO; Nyann Biery MS; Laura J. Benner RN, BSN, ACM-RN, CCCTM; Julie Dostal MD; and Brenda Frutos (Presentation)

Competency Issues vs. Commitment Problem: The Secret to Injecting Accountability Into the Competency Process, Donna Wright MS, RN (Presentation)

Overview of the Wright Competency Model, Donna Wright MS, RN (Presentation)

Neonatal Cardiomyopathy, Marijo Zelinka MD (Presentation)


First, Do No Harm: Principles for Effective Global Health Volunteering & Education., Yasir Abunamous BA and Sweety Jain MD (Presentation)

"Big Bad Burn; No Burn Center"., Hamed Amani MD (Presentation)

"Multiple Burns Patients in a Rural Hospital"., Hamed Amani MD (Presentation)

Necrotizing Soft Tissue Infections: ICU Challenges"., Hamed Amani MD (Presentation)

Patient Safety: Transform your Interprofessional Team., Deborah Arnold MSN, RN, CMSRN; James N. Lau MD, FACS; and Noraliza Salazar (Presentation)

Factors Associated With Use of Quality Improvement Strategies Among Small-to Medium Size Primary Care Practices in the United States., Bijal A. Balasubramanian MBBS, PhD; Miguel Marino PhD; David Ezekiel; Rachel J. Springer MS; Leah Gordon MPH; Alex Preston MPH; Benjamin F. Crabtree PhD; Leif I. Solberg MD; Kurt C. Stange MD, PhD; Rikki L. Ward MPH; Samuel T. Edwards MD, MPH; K. John McConnell PhD; Thomas E. Kottke MD; Jennifer Hemler PhD; William L. Miller MD, MA; Stephan R. Lindner PhD; Cynthia K. Perry PhD, FNP-BC; and Deborah J. Cohen PhD (Presentation)

The Basics of Atopic Dermatitis, Carl Barrick DO (Presentation)


Rapid Innovations In Care: Building on the Success of a Care Transitions Team., Laura J. Benner RN, BSN, ACM-RN, CCCTM and Cathryn L. Kelly BS, RN, LDN, CCCTM (Presentation)

Joint Hypermobility Syndrome and Other Hereditary Disorders of Connective Tissue, Catherine April Bingham MD (Presentation)

Patterns and Impact of e-Cigarette/Vape Related Burns Treated in a Burn Center., Sigrid A. Blome-Eberwein MD (Presentation)

Use of a Lactic Acid Based Biodegradable Skin Substitute in Second‐Degree Burn Care, Sigrid A. Blome-Eberwein MD (Presentation)

" Use of Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with Instillation in Burn Wounds-First Experiences", Sigrid A. Blome-Eberwein MD (Presentation)