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Follow Up of the NICU Graudate, Nachammai R. Chinnakaruppan MD (Presentation)

The Oath Didn't Say 'Do Less Harm', Michael Consuelos MD (Presentation)

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Developing a Performance/Quality Improvement Plan for Your Simulation Program, Gail Johnson PhD, BSN, CHSE and Amy B. Smith PhD (Presentation)

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Achieving Meaningful Medical Student Evaluations Through a Clinical Encounter Card, Liborio LaRussa MD and Kris Rooney MD (Poster)

Assessing Learners, Liborio LaRussa MD and Kris Rooney MD (Presentation)

Dr. StrangeTech: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Innovation, Donald Levick MD (Presentation)

Health IT Leaders Speaks Up on Priorities, Staffing and Strategies, Donald Levick MD (Article)

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Neonatology Review for Pediatricians, Andrew Meyer (Presentation)

Working Together: Late Effects of Childhood Cancer and Its Treatment, Philip Monteleone MD (Presentation)

To NICU or Not to NICU, That is the Question, Philip Monteleone MD and Wendy J. Kowalski MD (Presentation)

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The Medical Home, Elaine A. Donoghue MD (Presentation)

Building a Better Powerpoint, Elaine A. Donoghue MD and Amy B. Smith PhD (Presentation)

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Stopping the Drip (Data Rich, Information Poor), Donald Levick MD (Presentation)

Enhancing Practice Value Through Meaningful Use and Health IT, Donald L. Levick MD (Presentation)

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Magnet Ingestion: An Emerging Health Concern, Naser Tolaymat MD (Presentation)

Children Who Fail to Thrive, John VanBrakle MD (Presentation)



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Treating Data as a Corporate Asset to Improve Clinical and Financial Management, Donald Levick MD (Presentation)

Injuries in Children: True Accidents vs Preventable Events, Amy L. Lindmark DO (Presentation)

Testimony to Senator Mike Folmer, Harry Lukens and Donald Levick MD (Presentation)


Talking Circles: The Art of Communication for Physician Leaders, Erica T. Mahady MA, Jody Millard MA, and Jarret R. Patton MD (Poster)

Autism 2011 and Beyond, Sameh Morkous MD (Presentation)

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