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The Forgotten Beloved Kidney, Nachammai R. Chinnakaruppan MD (Presentation)

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Motivational Interviewing for Dummies., Adam Donnelly MD (Presentation)

Child abuse prevention, Elaine A. Donoghue MD (Presentation)

Quality Early Childhood Education, Elaine A. Donoghue MD (Presentation)


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Advanced Issues in Sexual Abuse, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Advanced Topics in Sexual Abuse, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Child Torture, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Cutaneous Injuries and Burns, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Domestic Violence Hurts Everyone., Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Fractures - Accidental versus Abuse, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Medical Neglect Workshop, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Overview of Child Maltreatment, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Visual diagnosis: An Amazing Diagnosis - Scurvy, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

What you always wanted to know about SEX abuse but were afraid to ask, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

You're Getting Warmer: Moving Closer to Diagnosing Abusive Burns, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)


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A Secret to Preventing Burnout (it's not what you think).....And other stuff about the Children's Hospital, J. Nathan Hagstrom MD, MHCM (Presentation)

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Intractable Epilepsy., Sameh Morkous MD, FAAN (Presentation)


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Concussion: Concepts and Consequences, Christine Bender DO (Presentation)


Limp and Leg Pain Taking a 10 Year-old Out of the Game, Christine Bender DO (Poster)

The Relationship Between Teamwork and Patient Outcomes: Teaching High Performing Code Teams, Melissa L. Brannen MD (Presentation)

Babies - Some Love Their Doctor So, Scott Brenner MD, FAAP (Presentation)


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Standardizing Patient Care at the Children’s Hospital at Lehigh Valley Health Network: Assessing the Need for a Pediatric Migraine Clinical Pathway, Kelli Dunker MS4 and Melissa L. Brannen MD (Poster)

Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease - A Multisystem Disease, Dalya El Tawil MD (Presentation)

Migraine in Childhood: Diagnosis and Management, Zuhal Ergonul MD (Presentation)

A Pediatric National Protocol for Sexual Abuse Medical Forensic Examination, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Burns, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Child Maltreatment: What Psychologists Need to Know, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Child Torture: Recognition, Presentation and Outcomes, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Contorversies in Abusive Head Trauma, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Differentiating Abusive from Accidental Fractures, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

Identifying and Intervening for Families at Risk, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)

In Hot Water - Accidental, Neglectful and Abusive Burns, Debra Esernio-Jenssen MD (Presentation)